The fallen Archangel, now a Archdevil of Hel, that in ancient history led the two hundred Nephilim to Earth in the dimension of Eth in order to take mortal wives of the newly isolated (following the fall of the First Kree Empire) Kree colonists and live with free will, a freedom that soon turned to selfish debauchery and war against those they had come to reside amongst.

The cataclysmic war between the Kree city of Tara-Ka and the Fallen Angels of the Nephilim was responible for the decimation of Earth, turning it on it's axis and shifting Tara-Ka to the South Pole, with the city only surviving due to advanced Kree technology and magics.

Following this, and the damage done, Nulr intervened and banished Azazel and his followers, and all that had consorted with them, to the world of Sheol the dimension of Hel, where Azazel rules to this day.

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