A global Neo Nazi organisation that controls the South American country of Argentina and South Africa, fully dedicated to bringing about The Fourth Reich.

Hydra is Helion aligned and in direct conflict with the Ethian aligned S.H.I.E.L.D. Hydra aim for nothing less then complete freedom of rule of Earth by humans, their own global domination, and the subjegation, sterilisation, and utilisation of 'sub human' variants and aliens in their new empire.

Hydra possess incredible resources in both technology and magic, maintaining active research into both through their A.I.M foundation.


The Red Skull

Madame Hydra

Baron Strucker (Military Command)

Baron Zemo (Intelligence and Special Operations)

Lady Angel

The Fourth Reich

Final Solution


Dr Sivana, leading Hydra's eugenics R&D




The British Isles

Lady Angel


The H.D.F


Dr Octopus


South America

Dr Sivana


Deadpool, mercenary agent active in South America

North America

The Authority

Hammer and Anvil

South Africa

Sergi Kravinoff

Sasha Kravinoff

The Chameleon

Cassandra Nova

Ex Agents of Hydra

The Swordsman

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